Recommended programs

Dear Guests!

Do you desire unforgettable experiences? Would you like to go out, or just relaxing a little? Let us help you!

Because of it’s location, our city is perfect for hiking or bathing. If you have been never made a trip to Hortobágy, don’t miss this opportunity! Through this link, you get some information about Hortobágy National Park: http://

Naturally, not everyone wants to spend his vacation outdoors. Some people can relax only in spas. For those people, we recommend our local spa, which can be found only for few minutes walk from our pension:

In addition, our city is waiting for people with various programs. If you love exhibitions, we are sure you can see something interesting in Castle Semsey. There is a tourinform office in Castle Semsey too, where you can ask about more exhibitions, programs, etc. You read more about Castle Semsey and the office here:

If you want to take a part of family-friendly or unattached events, then browse a little on Balmazújváros Life webpage:

We hope, everyone finds a perfect place for his holiday in our little town!